All About Me…

About Me

Tricia Sinon Murray

With a degree in Interior Design from Columbia College, Chicago, Tricia worked in the design industry for 10 years. Seeking a more personal connection, she successfully ran her own business accessorizing people’s homes for another 10 years. During a major location change in 2007, she discovered professional organizing. It was more than just an interest, it became a passion. She knew helping others in organizing their own lives, and even downsizing them was the natural next step to her career path. Simplify your life, so you can relax and enjoy it! Having less stuff means less responsibility; to organizing it, cleaning it, and storing it. She now works with realtors to assist their clients in decluttering, thus selling homes faster. As well as helping families downsize their belongings, whether through a death in the family, or just the desire to own less stuff.

Loving to travel, it’s also her treat to organize friends and family when she goes to visit them. She organizes something or some place in their homes as a thank you for having stayed with them. She also enjoys volunteering regularly at two local food pantries, and her children switch off going with her. She loves doing it and it makes her happy to be of service to people. 

What else does she do? Well in addition to organizing people, she just recently retired from playing on a roller derby team as both a blocker and a jammer. She chases her two grade school children around. In her spare time (haha) she also enjoys kayaking, biking, and hiking. As much as they can, her family gets out in their RV, affectionately named Murv, and travels to wide open places to do the same outdoorsy things.

Tricia is a member of NAPO – The National Association of Professional Organizers and is the Vice President of the NAPO Chicago Chapter 2016-2017.

About MeAbout Me

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