Pictures: Before and Better!

Garage Organization – Before and After 

This garage was cluttered and even contained things that belonged to other family members who moved out of state. They were unable to reach the shelves on the right to utilize them for their own belongings. Thus stuff was just put wherever and not in any specific order to find it again. Their desire was to be able to put their cars inside for winter, so as to not shovel off the snow each morning for work.

Working side by side with the client, all items were assessed and sorted. Zones were created for each category and stored on shelving, easily accessible for next time. The Christmas tree went into the closet at the back of garage. We swapped seasonal garden tools with winter shovels, and tucked the riding mower to the back as well. Donations were tucked into my car to remove at the end of the session. This complimentary service is included with each paid 3 hour (or more) session! Working with this decisive client, this garage was organized with space for their two cars in about 3 hours.


Basement Organization – Before and After

Basement is strewn with an extra day bed and dresser from an old roommate, linens, extra dishes for parties, books, and seasonal and holiday decorations.

All of this was looked at and sorted, as well as seasonal decor and extra kitchen accessories, and partyware from another basement storage area. We had about 4 bags of trash and 6 boxes for donations. Wooo hoo! Then we organized all the keepers away. Nothing on the floor!

All party supplies, paper product and candles are tucked neatly away. She knows what she has, and she can see what she has. Or not if she doesn’t want to! This project took approximately 3 hours.

Home Office Organizing – Before and After

Client had piles of paperwork and mail they had been putting off going through. They could not work well in the space with that stuff lurking there too.

We went through all the papers together and sorted them. Existing files were updated and new items got filed away. We had a few bags of paper for recycling as well. Way to go!

Client was so excited we were able to organize the home office and remove a desk that was collecting clutter. A new seating area was now possible as well. This project took approximately 3 hours.

Utility Room Organizing – Before 

The room was stuffed with cleaning products, light bulbs, paints and lots of supplies from home projects. Everything was removed and sorted. Suggestions were shared as to where items could be properly disposed of, and/or donated. Woo Hoo ~ Saving the Earth!


Everything that was kept was put into bins, or given a specific home on the shelves. The result is a space where you can quickly find what you need, and know where to put it back. This project took approximately 2 hours.

Preschool & Church Office Organizing

Storage Area Before & After

Mixed supplies for the preschool and church kitchen/social events clogged these shelves. Items were sorted and consolidated. More frequently used items (toys) were brought to the front for more easy access. Because when kids want to play ~ kids want to play!

StorageCloset.Before ChurchStorageAfter Church

A large outdoor shed was taking up much needed valuable space. It was removed and a shelving unit was installed in its place to store many more items. Toys and supplies were edited and organized back in.

StorageCloset2.Before ChurchStorageCloset2.After Church

Copy Area Before & After

Before this area housed many items on the floor due to a lack of proper storage and space. A shelving unit was installed on the wall. The result: a much more efficient use of space.


Office Area Before & After

Many different items cluttered this work surface. There was not enough space to store what was needed and utilized by both teachers and administrative staff. A second shelving unit was installed to help ease the overflow. The essentials were tidied into cabinets or on the new shelves. A home for everything, and everything in its place!


Work Station A – Before & After

Many different things were stored here that were not used here. Supplies were sorted and many relocated. What was kept, was reordered to optimize storage in the workstation. The result: an ample work surface.


Work Station B – Before 

Many different things were stored here that were not used here. A cluttered work station was not working for the client.

Ddesk.crop.Before ChurchDdesk2Before Church

Work Station B – After

Many supplies were able to be relocated. The daily and weekly essentials  were reordered to optimize storage in the workstation. The result: a decluttered work surface in which to work more productively.

DdeskAfter Church

Entry Hall Before & After

This entry just needed sorting of ‘like with like’ to give an orderly look to the area.


We consolidated winter supplies, and ADA accessories to enable guests to access the hangers of the closet and safely move through the space.


Donation Area Before & After

The donation area was overflowing the original space allocated, and taking over this section of their activity room. A new shelving unit on wheels was installed to reduce the footprint of space needed. This enabled volunteers to work with donations more easily.

This project took two days and approximately 14 hours, which included shopping for supplies and installation.

Donations.Before ChurchDonations.After Church

Kitchen Organizing Before & After

Client admittedly overshops and ends up putting items anywhere there is room. Contents were sorted, categories were given specific bins and/or locations to live in. Now it is visible and apparant what needs to be used up or restocked.

1Fridgeb4 Busy Professional3FridgeAfter Busy Professional -2

Freezer Before and After: Upon sorting the contents, having specific bins and homes for categories makes it easy and apparent what needs to be used up or restocked. Cabinets were also organized by food categories. Glasses and dishware was purged and consolidated to best maximize the use of cabinet space. This project took approximately 4 hours.

4Freezerb4 Busy Professional -35FreezerAfter Busy Professional -4

Basement Organizing Before & After

Upon renovating after a flood, the last stage of organizing the basement was too daunting to undertake alone. We sorted seasonal coats and accessories and cleared the way to a computer workstation and laundry room.


This area served many functions, but was not working for the client. We sorted, found homes for, and put away all the various items stored here to make it more functional.


This area became the drop zone, so we sorted and ordered household tools, and what needed to stay. We made it more easy to access their collection of gaming cards stored in the white boxes. We put the ‘fun’ in functional for them!


Unpacking a Move & Organizing – Before & After

Clients had moved quickly into their new home but needed help unpacking and organizing all the things they brought with them. Left to right the pictures show how we helped order what was going into their storage spaces. Lots of season items, sports equipment, and memorabilia needed order to make sense of it all.

AAE basement b4 n after-2AAE basement b4 n after-5

We got everything into a home and off the floor so family members could move through the spaces safely and get what they needed quickly.

AAE basement b4 n after-3AAE basement b4 n after-6

We made sense and organized all the kids toys and board games so they could see all that they had clearly. Again getting everything up off of the floor for safety and their dogs. This unpacking project took approximately 5 hours.

AAE basement b4 n after-4AAE basement b4 n after-7

Garage Organizing Before & After

So many different things taking over the garage from sports equipment, to lawn care items, bulk shopping, to a mounted marlin  from a fishing trip. Afterwards with items grouped together in their spots, there is now room to park both cars in garage for winter. Perfect timing! This project took approximately 5 hours.

AAE garage b4 n afterAAE garage b4 n after-4

AAE garage b4 n after-1AAE garage b4 n after-3

AAE garage b4 n after-2AAE garage b4 n after-5

Basement Organizing  Before & After

Overflowing with media and video games, everything was removed and sorted. The keepers remain, organized on the shelves, with room to spare.

AAE basement b4 n afterAAE basement b4 n after-2

Home office supplies overflow the closet. After everything fits nicely and orderly.

AAE basement b4 n after-4AAE basement b4 n after-6

Supplies for a home based business are overtaking the room. Afterwards, everything is labeled and has a home on the shelves, and the floor is clear. This basement project took approximately 4 hours.

AAE basement b4 n after-5AAE basement b4 n after-7

Bedroom Organizing Before & After

Organized preteen boy’s bedroom; items were sorted for keep, trash, and donations. Removed lots of outgrown clothing, books, and toys.We removed about 6 large bags of trash and donations. What remained was organized and put away. This project took approximately 5 hours to complete.

AAE bedroom b4 n afterAAE bedroom b4 n after-4

AAE bedroom b4 n after-2AAE bedroom b4 n after-7

AAE bedroom b4 n after-3AAE bedroom b4 n after-6