All About Services & Fees

All About Ease Organizing LLC has offices in Golden, Colorado. We service the area from Denver to Golden, to Boulder, and beyond, in surrounding front range suburbs. We have been in business since 2007 and are a member of NAPO, the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals. We look forward to helping you achieve your organizing goals! 


Virtual Services via Zoom now Available!

Virtual Organizing Sessions: We are online together and do the work in real time. You schedule specific times with me to work on a project and I help you make the decisions and keep you on track. Homework is given and we schedule your next session before we go offline. I am available via email or text for any questions, cheering you on, in between sessions.

Space Efficiency Assessments: a virtual through walk through of your home and all it’s storage, cabinets, and closets to see what is working and how it can all be more efficient, simplified, or more organized. Your list of what to do/homework is sent after your session. You can do the work yourself, or can apply the fee to virtual organizing sessions for real time guidance and focused organizing.

What you need:

1. A basic tech knowledge of how to take pictures with your phone and upload them via text or email.

2. The Zoom app on your phone or laptop and know how to get into our meeting, usually just clicking the link I send you once we are scheduled.

3. The enthusiasm to take on a project and get it done!

I will help you step by step through your project, keeping you on track with gentle guidance and enthusiasm, keeping you motivated, and cheering you on all the way! Let’s do this! Together.

Downsizing – Moving from a larger place to a smaller one? Whether for retirement, relocating for work, or just making life changes, All About Ease can assist you in this process. We will help you declutter and edit your belongings so they will fit comfortably into your new house and lifestyle. We can even make donation suggestions, avoiding landfills, so your items can be re-purposed and reused.

Rightsizing for Tiny Living – Thinking about going tiny? Having first hand experience going tiny, 2,800s.f. to 200s.f. (~ yes you read that right!), All About Ease Organizing can help you with the challenges this volume of simplifying entails. We have a tiny home checklist we can share with you to see if you are ready to take on this challenge and live the tiny life! Whether simplifying to have less stuff to maintain, less responsibilities, or just using less resources on the planet. simplifying your live so you can relax and enjoy it can be done! And we can help!

Simplifying & Organizing – Whether you are a busy person, or family, we can help you declutter and simplify your home or business so it functions better for you. We provide peace of mind by giving you organized uncluttered spaces where you can get your work done, or simply live your life. You will be able to find anything you are looking for because it has a home. We organize the following areas, but are not limited to them: kitchens, home offices, kid’s rooms or play spaces, bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, basements, garages and small businesses.

Moving – Going across the country or just across town is much easier when you hire us to help you. We understand what is important to you, a stress-freemove. We help you go through your belongings so you only take what you use and need. We’ll save you money in the process, by ensuring only the essentials are packed, and in an organized fashion. Since we helped edit and organize your belongings, our team can seamlessly and efficiently unpack you into your new home.

*Decluttering can also be combined with a move or a downsizing project so your realtor can take amazing pictures to sell your home quicker!

Interior Design and Space Planning – Having a degree in Interior Design, All About Ease will come out and assess your home or business to ensure you are maximizing your space, and using it efficiently. We develop systems that work specifically for you. We can also provide space planning to make sure all your furniture fits, and the rooms flow. We can make suggestions as to how you can best utilize your storage spaces: cabinets, closets etc. so it works for you, then we jump right in and make the changes. You are left with more time in your life, so you can go and do the things that you love!

*This service can also be provided along with downsizing or moving services.


Our fees are commensurate with the excellent, efficient, and non-judgmental service we provide. We would be happy to discuss the nature of your project, and work within your budget to achieve your goals. We are insured, and adhere to the NAPO code of ethics ensuring confidentiality and professionalism.

Hourly rate is $80/hour, packages are available below: 

Fees are paid by the hour with a three hour minimum, payment is due upon booking your session to save the day and time for you. Individual 3 hour sessions would be $240.00.  Payment types accepted: Venmo (credit cards) and Zelle apps, check and cash. Payments for packages are in full ahead of time, before 1st appointment.

Declutter & Organize Me!  12 Hour package for $897.00 

Wanna Be Minimalist!  24 Hour package for $1,747.00.

Includes 2 FREE hours.

Tiny House Enthusiast!  40 Hour package for $2,797.00

Includes 5 FREE hours.

*All packages include FREE removal of donations, one carload per appointment! Receipt(s) provided upon request. 

You can split up your package hours however you desire, with a 3 hour minimum per appointment. 

If you are ready to get organized today, please contact us for a free phone consultation or: Contact Us